About Us

Anchor Preservations, Inc. is a family owned and operated property preservation and inspection company located in Cardington, Ohio.  We chose the name “Anchor” to show that we plan to be a solid foundation on which banks and realtors can trust their assests.

The mission of Anchor Preservations, Inc. is to provide property preservation and inspection services to our clients at low rates in order to provide residents with a clean and safe community by servicing vacant homes in their neighborhoods.

Our company goal is to provide the highest quality service to our clients in the most expedient manner possible.

Brief History of the Business:

We began business under the name Anchor Preservations in Cape Coral, FL in February of 2009.  During our first year in business, Anchor Preservations was comprised of owner, Jason Bowman and wife, Margaret.  Within the first six months of operation, we had gained enough work to be able to add Kim and Todd Ullom to the team.  At that time, we were all working both in the field and completing all of our own updating.  We were completing work for one small preservation company and one small inspection company.

After our first year in business, Anchor Preservations began receiving work from a large national preservation company.  At that time, we were still working from a home office with only four people completing all field work and updating.

As of July of 2016, Anchor Preservations, Inc. is employing over 40 staff members and over 30 contractors in three states; OH, MA and PA.

At a client conference in 2016, we received awards for “Most Consistent Field Quality” for overall services and “100% Score” on our Landscaping services.  We are proud of the accomplishments of our staff and contractors and will work hard to continue providing that level of service to all of our current and future clients.

We have faith and confidence that we can be a leader in our industry as we continue to strive for excellence.